Divided Elements

Resistance (Divided Elements #1) is now available for pre-order. Both the ebook and paperback version will be released on 20 January 2017.

Resistance (Divided Elements #1) is now available for pre-order!


The Announcer calls my name, but she does not speak to me. This macabre spectacle has nothing to do with me. And everything to do with them. This is all for the thousands below – the compliant citizens of Otpor, the witnesses to my Execution, the silent and transfixed. This is their moment. Their reconditioning.

In a future post-apocalyptic Paris, a rebellion threatens to upset the city’s perfectly-structured balance and plunge its citizens into anarchy.
Two generations after the Execution of Kane 148 and Otpor’s return to Orthodoxy, forbidden murals are appearing on crumbling concrete walls – calling citizens to action. Calling for Resistance.

The murals will change the utopian lives of all citizens. But, for Anaiya 234, they will change who she is.

A Peacekeeper of the uncompromising Fire Element, Anaiya free-runs through city’s precincts to enforce the Orthodoxy without hesitation or mercy. Her selection for a high-risk mission gives Otpor the chance it needs to bring down the Resistance and Anaiya the opportunity she craves to erase a shameful legacy.
But the mission demands an impossible sacrifice – her identity.


With this accomplished debut offering, Kopievsky presents a dark dystopian tale with complex characters, exquisite world-building and high tension. Divided Elements (Book 1) – Resistance is a welcomed addition to the intelligent speculative fiction tradition of dystopian literature.


More about Divided Elements from the Author

Divided Elements is set in a dystopian world where the population is divided by the classical element that defines them (earth, water, air or fire). All Elementals are conditioned from early childhood to fully develop and emphasise the desirable attitudes and skills particular to each element group. The story focuses on Anaiya, a Fire Elemental who is trained as a Peacekeeper and whose role is to police and protect the Orthodoxy. It follows her as she is  realigned as an Air Elemental and placed undercover to find the leader of an underground resistance that is railing against the Cooperative and its dominant hegemony. Through Anaiya, the story explores themes of doxa, truth, ideology, loyalty, betrayal, identity, free agency, sense of place and rebellion.


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